CD: JOHN NORUM - Total Control

John Norum - guitars, lead vocals, backing vocals
Marcel Jacob - bass guitar
Goran Edman - lead vocals, backing vocals
Peter Hermansson - drums
Per Blom - keyboards
Micke Larsson - fretless bass
Mats Lindfors - backing vocals
Max Lorentz - Hammond organ

1.Let Me Love You 3:21
2.Love Is Meant To Last Forever 3:39
3.Too Many Hearts 3:11
4.Someone Else Here 4:11
5.Eternal Flame 3:13
6.Back On The Streets 4:09
7.Blind 3:52
8.Law Of Life 4:21
9.We'll Do What It Takes Together 3:24
10.In Chase Of The Wind 3:00
11.Wild One 4:18

Produced by John Norum & Thomas Witt
CBS Records 1987
total time: 40:44


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