CD: DELERIUM - Voice: An Acoustic Collection

1.Send Me An Angel 3:51
2.Dust In Gravity (acoustic) 4:01
3.Too Late, Farewell 3:56
4.Silence (acoustic) 5:04
5.Innocente (acoustic) 6:07
6.Vienna 5:07
7.Lost And Found (acoustic) 3:43
8.Flowers Become Screens (acoustic) 5:58
9.Love (acoustic) 3:35
10.After All (acoustic) 3:48
11.Orbit Of Me (acoustic) 4:26
12.Touched (acoustic) 4:06

Produced by Bill Leeb, Phil Lehmann, Troy Samson, Mike James, Dru Masters, Rhys Fulber & Andre Wahl
Nettwerk Records 2010
total time: 53:50


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