CD: HOLLIES - What Goes Around...

1.Casualty 2:53
2.Take My Love And Run 2:49
3.Say You'll Be Mine 3:43
4.Something Ain't Right 3:32
5.If The Lights Go Out 3:30
6.Stop In The Name Of Love 3:08
7.I Got What I Want 2:34
8.Just One Look 3:02
9.Someone Else's Eyes 4:00
10.Having A Good Time 2:58
11.Musical Pictures 3:46
12.Baby Come Back (Single Version) 2:57
13.Baby Come Back (Long Version) 5:52
14.Hillsborough 3:06
15.Take My Love And Run (1st Version) 3:40
16.Driver 3:13
17.If The Lights Go Out (1st Version) 3:28
18.Carrie 3:56
19.Let Her Go Down (Rare Track) 4:06

Iberica Logos Music Records 1983
total time: 66:21


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