CD: FOLKEARTH - Viking's Anthem

Marios Koutsoukos - lyrics
Polydeykis - music, electric guitars
Dennis Schwachhofer - drums
Nostarion - cello
Florian Busch - violin
Simon Muller - music, electric guitars, acoustic guitar, bass, tin whistle, flute
Munggu Beyeler - vocals, swiss whistle, deger pipe, swiss low flute
Metfolvik - music, soprano recorder
Matthew Bell - music, electric guitars
Simon Batley - vocals
Michael Fiori (Saga) - music, lyrics, electric guitars, bass, vocals
Anais - female vocals
Kyle Freese - drums
Loki - music, electric guitars, keyboards

1.Beasts From The Blizzard 4:37
2.Ragnarok 4:43
3.There Is No Death 4:25
4.The Eternal City 4:21
5.Viking's Anthem 3:51
6.To Avalon 4:30
7.A New Day Is Rising 3:58
8.Warrior Code 6:27
9.The Conquering Nightmare 4:42
10.Set Sails To Conquer! 4:44
11.Legacy Of Steel 3:46

Stygian Crypt Records 2010
total time: 50:10


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