CD: BLACKMORE'S NIGHT - Fires At Midnight

Ritchie Blackmore - electric & acoustic guitar, mandolin, hurdy gurdy, tambourine, renaissance drum
Candice Night - vocals, backing vocals, shawm, harp, recorder, pennywhistle, electric bagpipes
Sir Robert Of Normandie - bass, backing vocals
Carmine Giglio - keyboards
Pat Regan - keyboards
Chris Devine - violin, viola, recorders, flute
Mike Sorrentino - drums
Albert Dannemann - bagpipes
Richard Wiederman - trumpets
John Passanante - trombone
Ruby's Choir - Michelle, Anita, John, Cathy, Ken, Robert, Mike, Trish, Scott, Sue, Carmine, Mary & Pete

1.Written In The Stars 4:49
2.The Times They Are A Changin' 3:33
3.I Still Remember 5:42
4.Home Again 5:27
5.Crowning Of The King 4:31
6.Fayre Thee Well 2:08
7.Fires At Midnight 7:36
8.Hanging Tree 3:46
9.Storm 6:11
10.Mid Winter's Night 4:30
11.All Because Of You 3:36
12.Waiting Just For You 3:16
13.Praetorius (Courante) 1:57
14.Benzai - Ten 3:51
15.Village On The Sand 5:04
16.Again Someday 1:39

Produced by Pat Regan & Ritchie Blackmore
Steamhammer Records 2001
total time: 67:43


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