CD: MOLLY HATCHET - Take No Prisoners + The Deed Is Done

"Take No Prisoners":

Steve Holland - guitars
Bruce Crump - drums
Banner Thomas - bass guitar
Jimmy Farrar - vocals
Dave Hlubek - lead guitar
Duane Roland - lead guitar

Jai Winding - keyboards
Paulinho DaCosta - congas
Tom Werman - percussion
Tower Of Power Section - horns
Mindy Sterling, Laurie Bono, Katy Sagal - background vocals
Baby Jean - additional vocals

1.Bloody Reunion 3:58
2.Respect Me In The Morning 3:21
3.Long Tall Sally 2:55
4.Loss Of Control 3:30
5.All Mine 4:00
6.Lady Luck 3:35
7.Power Play 3:49
8.Don't Mess Around 3:00
9.Don't Leave Me Lonely 3:58
10.Dead Giveaway 3:25

Produced by Tom Werman
Epic/Wounded Bird Records 1981

"The Deed Is Done":

Danny Joe Brown
Dave Hlubek
Duane Roland
Bruce Crump
Riff West
John Galvin

11.Satisfied Man 4:59
12.Backstabber 4:13
13.She Does She Does 6:08
14.The Deep End 1:16
15.Stone In Your Heart 4:15
16.Man On The Run 4:12
17.Good Smoke And Whiskey 3:35
18.Heartbreak Radio 3:28
19.I Ain't Got You 2:34
20.Straight Shooter 3:48
21.Song For The Children 2:32

Produced by Terry Manning
Epic/Wounded Bird Records 1984
total time: 76:41


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