CD: MOVE - Message From The Country

Roy Wood - vocals, oboe, guitars, steel guitar, bass, clarinet, bassoon & all saxes
Jeff Lynne - vocals, piano, guitars, electric piano & percussion
Bev Bevan - drums, percussion & vocals

1.Message From The Country 4:52
2.Ella James 3:17
3.No Time 3:44
4.Don't Mess Me Up 3:15
5.Until Your Moma's Gone 5:08
6.It Wasn't My Idea To Dance 5:33
7.The Minister 4:33
8.Ben Crawley Steel Company 3:07
9.The Words Of Aaron 5:31
10.My Marge 2:06
11.Tonight (Singles A & B sides) 3:20
12.Chinatown (Singles A & B sides) 3:11
13.Down On The Bay (Singles A & B sides) 4:17
14.Do Ya (Singles A & B sides) 4:06
15.California Man (Singles A & B sides) 3:38
16.Don't Mess Me Up (Previously unreleased session tracks) 3:25
17.The Words Of Aaron (Previously unreleased session tracks) 6:07
18.Do Ya (Previously unreleased session tracks) 4:42
19.My Marge (Previously unreleased session tracks) 2:18

Produced by Roy Wood & Jeff Lynne
Capitol Records 1971
total time: 76:17


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