CD: JOURNEY - Trial By Fire

Steve Smith - drums
Neal Schon - guitars, vocals
Ross Valory - bass guitar, vocals
Jonathan Cain - keyboards, vocals
Steve Perry - lead vocals

1.Message Of Love 5:34
2.One More 5:28
3.When You Love A Woman 4:07
4.If He Should Break Your Heart 4:23
5.Forever In Blue 3:35
6.Castles Burning 6:00
7.Don't Be Down One Me Baby 4:01
8.Still She Cries 5:04
9.Colors Of The Spirit 5:41
10.When I Think Of You 4:21
11.Easy To Fall 5:15
12.Can't Tame The Lion 4:32
13.It's Just The Rain 5:19
14.Trial By Fire 4:41
15.Baby I'm Leavin' You 2:49
16.I Can See It In Your Eyes 4:12

Produced by Kevin Shirley & John Kalodner
Columbia Records 1996
total time: 75:08


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