CD: ROBERT BERRY - A Soundtrack For The Wheel Of Time

Lief Sorbye - mandolin
Andy Frazier - vocals & guitar
Lisa Bouchelle - vocals
Michael Malleo - violin

1.A Theme For The Wheel Of Time 3:36
2.Return To Emonds Field 3:55
3.Song For Moiraine 3:33
4.Traveling The Ways 3:05
5.Spears And Buckler 1:22
6.Dream Walker 2:04
7.The Knowledge Of The Wise Ones 1:09
8.The Winespring Reel 4:32
9.The Halls Of Tar Valon 0:57
10.Search For The Black Ajah 5:05
11.Ladies Of The Tower 3:11
12.The Game Of Houses 3:44
13.Voyage Of The Sea Folk 3:45
14.Heart Of The Wolf 1:09
15.Journey Through The Waste 0:56
16.Lan The Warder 1:17
17.March Of The Trollocs 3:14
18.Rand's Theme  (Fanfare For The Dragon Reborn) 4:30
19.The Aiel Approach (Dahl Of A Chant) 2:10

Produced by Robert Berry
Magna Carta Records 2001
total time: 53:22


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