CD: FILTER - Anthems For The Damned

Richard Patrick - vocals, guitar & bass

additional musicians:
John 5
Josh Freese
Wes Borland
Rae DiLeo
Ryan Williams
Josh Abraham
Luke Walker

1.Soldiers Of Misfortune 4:25
2.What's Next 3:34
3.The Wake 3:56
4.Cold [Anthem For The Damned] 3:45
5.Hatred Is Contagious 4:25
6.Lie After Lie 3:45
7.Kill The Day 3:31
8.The Take 3:16
9.I Keep Flowers Around 4:27
10.In Dreams 3:51
11.Only You 4:40
12.Can Stop This 5:55

Produced by Josh Abraham
Pulse Music Records 2008
total time: 49:34


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