CD: MINISTRY - The Last Dubber

Alien Jourgensen - vox, guitars, bass, harmonica, programming
Thomas M.Victor - guitars, bass, background vox
Paul Raven - bass, guitars, background vox
Sin Quirin - guitars, bass
John Bechdel - keyboards

1.Let's Go (La Fin Du Monde Mix) 5:56
2.Watch Yourself (The Clocks Strike 13 Mix) 4:29
3.Life Is Good (Neuroplasticity Mix) 6:26
4.The Dick Song (Straight Outta Lincoln Mix) 4:47
5.The Last Sucker (Icke Mix) 3:44
6.No Glory (Sandpaper Condom Mix) 4:49
7.Death & Destruction (A Vote Of Non - Confidence Mix) 5:08
8.Die In A Crash (Point Of Impact Mix) 5:21
9.End Of Days (One Less Sparrow Mix) 5:01
10.End Of Days (Extreme Mayan Makeover Mix) 4:50
11.Let's Go (Dawn Of Oblivion Remix) 4:37

Produced by Alien Jourgensen & Dave Donnelly
13th Planet Records 2009
total time: 55:12


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