CD: ALESTORM - Black Sails At Midnight

Christopher Bowes - vocals, keyboards, tin whistle
Dani Evans - guitars, backing vocals
Ian Wilson - percussion, vibraslap, backing vocals
Gareth Murdock - your man there, so it is
Migo Wagner - drums
Lasse Lammert - guitars, backing vocals
Mirjam Beyer - violinJustus Twele - great highland bagpipe
Brenden Carey - backing vocals
Bee Bloodpunch - backing vocals
Tin Shaw - backing vocals
Gordon Krei - brass arrangements
Tobias Hain - trumpet
Carsten Petersen - trumpet, cornet
Heinrich Gimpel - bass trombone

1.The Quest 4:56
2.Leviathan 5:55
3.That Famous Ol' Spiced 4:45
4.Keelhauled 3:42
5.To The End Of Our Days 6:22
6.Black Sails At Midnight 3:30
7.No Quarter 3:02
8.Pirate Song 4:02
9.Chronicles Of Vengeance 6:24
10.Wolves Of The Sea 3:33

Produced by Lasse Lammert
Napalm Records 2009
total time: 46:17


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