CD: MORPHINE - The Night

Mark Sandman - lead vocals.2 - string slide bass, bass guitar, piano, organ, acoustic guitar, trombone, tri - tar
Oana Colley - baritone sax, tenor sax, bass sax, double sax, backup vocals, horse - hair piano
Billy Conway - drums, percussion, backup vocals

1.The Night 4:48
2.So Many Ways 4:01
3.Souvenir 4:40
4.Top Floor, Bottom Buzzer 5:43
5.Like A Mirror 5:26
6.A Good Woman Is Hard To Find 4:14
7.Rope On Fire 5:36
8.I'm Your's, You're Mine 3:46
9.The Way We Met 2:59
10.Slow Numbers 3:58
11.Take Me With You 4:53

Produced by Mark Sandman & MORPHINE
DreamWorks Records 2000
total time: 50:09


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