CD: STREET TALK - Destination

1.Astray 3:57
2.Tables Turning 4:28
3.Ye Gods And Little Fishes 4:22
4.Dancer In The Rain 4:11
5.Made For Paradise 3:43
6.Hare And Hounds 4:23
7.Need Someone 4:03
8.Language Of Love 4:04
9.If You Say It's Over 4:40
10.Someday (I'll Get Over You) 4:09
11.After The Tears 3:04
12.Walk Away From Love 4:33
13.My Heart Beats For You 4:50
14.Could You Be The Only One 4:21
15.If Anybody Breaks Your Heart 4:11
16.Standing In The Rain 4:07
17.Why Is My Heart Feeling Lonely Tonight 4:29
18.I'll Always Remember 5:03

Produced by Fredrik Bergh
MTM Music Records 2004
total time: 76:45


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