CD: ROGER WATERS - Amused To Death

1.The Ballad Of Bill Hubbard 4:19
2.What God Wants, Part I 6:00
3.Perfect Sense, Part I 4:16
4.Perfect Sense, Part II 2:50
5.The Bravery Of Being Out Of Range 4:43
6.Late Home Tonight, Part I 4:00
7.Late Home Tonight, Part II 2:13
8.Too Much Rope 5:47
9.What God Wants, Part II 3:41
10.What God Wants, Part III 4:08
11.Watching TV 6:07
12.Three Wishes 6:50
13.It's A Miracle 8:30
14.Amused To Death 9:06

Produced by Patrick Leonard & Roger Waters
Columbia/Sony Records 1992
total time: 72:36


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