CD: RICK WAKEMAN - Return To The Centre Of The Earth

Justin Hayward - guest vocals
Trevor Rabin - guest vocals
Ozzy Osbourne - guest vocals
Bonnie Tyler - guest vocals
Katrina Leskanich - guest vocals
Tony Mitchell - guest vocals

Rick Wakeman - keyboards
Fraser Thorneycroft - Smith - guitar
Phil Williams - bass guitar
Simon Hanson - drums
Trevor Rabin - guitar solos
David Snell - conducted (London Symphony Orchestra)

1.A Vision 2:33
2.The Return Overture 2:39
3.Mother Earth: 3:48
a.The Shadows Of June
b.The Gallery
c.The Avenue Of Prismed Light
d.The Earthquake
4.Buried Alive (Ozzy Osbourne) 6:00
5.The Enigma 1:18
6.Is Anybody There ? (Bonnie Tyler) 6:34
7.The Ravine 0:49
8.The Dance Of A Thousand Lights 5:40
9.The Shepherd 2:00
10.Mr. Slow (Tony Mitchell) 3:47
11.Bridge Of Time 1:11
12.Never Is A Long, Long Time (Trevor Rabin) 5:19
13.Tales From The Lidenbrook Sea: 2:57
a.River Of Hope
b.Hunter And Hunted
c.Fight For Life
14.The Kill 5:23
15.Timeless History 1:10
16.Still Waters Run Deep (Justin Hayward) 5:20
17.Time Within Time: 2:39
a.The Ebbing Tide
b.The Electric Storm
18.Ride Of Your Life (Katrina Leskanich) 6:01
19.Floating: 1:59
a.Globes Of Fire
b.Cascades Of Fear
20.Floodflames 1:59
21.The Volcano: 2:10
a.Tongues Of Fire
b.The Blue Mountains
22.The End Of The Return 5:23

Produced by Rick Wakeman
EMI Records 1999
total time: 76:51


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