CD: VAN DER GRAAF - The Quiet Zone / The Pleasure Dome

Peter Hammill - keyboards, vocals, guitars
Nic Potter - basses
Dave Jackson - wind
Guy Evans - drums
Graham Smith - keyboards, vocals, violin

The Quiet Zone:
1.Lizard Play 4:29
2.The Habit Of The Broken Heart 4:40
3.The Siren Song 6:04
4.Last Frame 6:13

The Pleasure Dome:
5.The Wave 3:14
6.Cat's Eye / Yellow Fever (Running) 5:20
7.The Sphinx In The Face 5:57
8.Chemical World 6:10
9.The Sphinx Returns 1:16

Produced by Peter Hammill
Blue Plate Records 1977
total time: 43:28


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