CD: URIAH HEEP - Abominog

Peter Goalby - vocals
Mick Box - guitars, vocals
John Sinclair - keyboards, vocals
Bob Daisley - bass, vocals
Lee Kerslake - drums, vocals

1.Too Scared To Run 3:49
2.Chasing Shadows 4:39
3.On The Rebound 3:14
4.Hot Night In A Cold Town 4:03
5.Running All Night (With The Lion) 4:28
6.That's The Way That It Is 4:06
7.Prisoner 4:33
8.Hot Persuasion 3:48
9.Sell Your Soul 5:26
10.Think It Over 3:36
11.Son Of A Bitch (from Abominog Junior EP) 4:07
12.Tin Soldier (from Abominog Junior EP) 3:54
13.Think It Over (Video Soundtrack) 3:17
14.Too Scared To Run (Live) 4:18
15.Sell Your Soul (Live) 5:43
16.That's The Way That It Is (Live) 3:58

Produced by Ashley Howe
Sanctuary/Castle Records 1982
total time: 67:07


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