CD: TRANSATLANTIC - Bridge Across Forever

Pete Trewavas - warwick bass, taurus bass pedals & vocals
Mike Portnoy - drums & vocals
Roine Stolt - electric & acoustic guitars, vocals, mellotron, additional keyboards & percussion
Neal Morse - grand piano, Hammond organ, mini moog, rhodes piano, synthesizer, vocals, additional guitars & mandolin

1.Duel With The Devil: I.Motherless Children II.Walk Away III.Silence Of The Night IV.You're Not Alone V.Almost Home 26:43
2.Suite Charlotte Pike: I.If She Runs II.Mr. Wonderful III.Lost And Found Pt.1 IV.Temple Of The Gods V.Mother Children / If She Runs (Reprise) 14:33
3.Bridge Across Forever 5:32
4.tranger In Your Soul: I.Sleeping Wide Awake II.Hanging In The Balance III.Lost And Found Pt.2 IV.Awakening The Stranger V.Slid VI.Stranger In Your Soul 30:00

InsideOutMusic Records 2001
total time: 76:49


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