CD: THERION - A'Arab Jaraq Lucid Dreaming

1.Into Remembrance 6:28
2.Black Fairy 5:56
3.Fly To The Rainbow 8:14
4.Children Of The Damned 4:30
5.Under Jolly Roger 4:36
6.Symphony Of The Dead 3:39
7.Here Comes The Tears 3:21
8.Enter Transcendental Sleep (Therion Version) 4:22
9.The Quiet Desert (Therion Version) 3:52
10.Down The Qliphothic Tunnel (Therion Version) 2:53
11.Up To Netzach/Floating Back (Therion Version) 4:08
12.The Fall Into Eclipse (Original Soundtrack) 3:44
13.Enter Transcendental Sleep (Original Soundtrack) 3:51
14.The Gates To A'Arab Zaraq Are Open (Original Soundtrack) 1:25
15.The Quiet Desert (Original Soundtrack) 3:51
16.Down The Qliphothic (Original Soundtrack) 2:53
17.Up To Netzach (Original Soundtrack) 2:53
18.Floating Back (Original Soundtrack) 0:49

Produced by Christofer Johnsson & Gottfried Koch
Nuclear Blast Records 1997
total time: 71:34


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