CD: SUPERTRAMP - Supertramp

Richard Davies - organ, piano, electric piano, harmonica, vocals
Roger Hodgson - bass guitar, flageolet, acoustic guitar, cello, vocals
Richard Palmer - electric guitar, acoustic guitar, balalaika, vocals
Robert Millar - percussion, harmonica

1.Surely 0:31
2.It's A Long Road 5:33
3.Aubade And I Am Not Like Other Birds Of Prey 5:14
4.Words Unspoken 3:59
5.Maybe I'm A Beggar 6:44
6.Home Again 1:16
7.Nothing To Show 4:55
8.Shadow Song 4:22
9.Try Again 12:05
10.Surely 3:11

Produced by SUPERTRAMP
A&M Records 1970
total time: 47:55


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