CD: SUPERMAX - Don't Stop The Music

Kurt Hauenstein - lead vocals, bass, hohner D6, piano, organ, moog synthesizer, stringman, percussion
Teples Reynolds - vocals
Cynthia Arrich - vocals
Johan Daansen - guitars, hohner D6, violin, percussion
Hartmut Pfannmuller - drums, percussion
Jurgen Zoller - drums
Daniel Ford - percussion
Richard Schonherz - organ
Christian Kolonovits - piano
Eric Simpson - flugelhorn
Lee Reed - backing vocals

1.Dance Dance Dance 3:44
2.Push Push (Sexy Chocolate Girl) 3:08
3.Watch Out South Africa, Here We Come 3:59
4.Don't Stop The Music 6:04
5.Supermax 3:59
6.Nobody Knows 3:40
7.Reggae On Baby 3:55
8.I Am What I Am 2:27
9.Dance Dance Dance (Part II) 3:23

Produced by Peter Hauke
BMG Ariola Records 1976
total time: 34:23


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