CD: SMOKIE - The Other Side Of The Road

Chris Norman - lead vocals, back vocals, electric & acoustic guitars, piano, synthesizers, hammond organ, banjo, percussion, soda water bottle
Terry Uttley - lead vocals, back vocals, bass guitar, percussion, gin & whisky bottles
Alan Silson - lead vocals, back vocals, lead guitars, guitar synthesizer, milk bottle
Pete Spencer - drums, percussion, vocals & acoustic guitar, back vocals, milk bottles

1.The Other Side Of The Road 3:53
2.Do To Me 3:21
3.Belinda 3:00
4.Big Fat Momma 2:49
5.Don't Take Your Love Away This Time 3:14
6.London Is Burning 5:11
7.Babe It's Up To You 3:44
8.You Don't Care 3:19
9.All Alone 3:57
10.I Can't Stop Loving You 3:38
11.Too Many Pennies In Hell 1:16
12.Samantha Elizabeth 4:02
13.San Francisco Bay 3:17

Produced by SMOKIE
RAK Records 1979
total time: 44:48


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