CD: SLADE - Old New Borrowed And Blue

1.Just A Little Bit 4:01
2.When The Lights Are Out 3:06
3.My Town 3:07
4.Find Yourself A Rainbow 2:11
5.Miles Out To Sea 3:50
6.We're Really Gonna Raise The Roof 3:10
7.Do We Still Do It 3:02
8.How Can It Be 3:02
9.Don't Blame Me 2:32
10.My Friend Stan 2:41
11.Everyday 3:11
12.Good Times Gals 3:34
13.I'm Mee I'm Now And That's Orl 3:41
14.Kill 'Em At The Hot Club Tonite 3:20
15.The Bangin' Man 4:12
16.She Did It To Me 3:19
17.Slade Talk To "19" Readers 5:34

Produced by Chas Chandler
Salvo Records 1974
total time: 57:40


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