CD: MAT SINNER - Back To The Bullet

Mat Sinner
Alex Beyrodt
Tom Naumann
Tommy Geiger
Tommy Resch

1.Back To The Bullet 2:45
2.Tear Down The Wall 4:09
3.Every Second Counts 3:46
4.Call My Name 5:42
5.Crazy Horses 3:20
6.In The Name Of Rock 'n' Roll 5:10
7.Wildest Dreams 3:58
8.Down Undercover 4:37
9.Face To Face 4:35
10.Crying In The Wires 3:34
11.She's Got The Look 4:19

Produced by Albert Boekhold & Mat Sinner
BMG Records 1990
total time: 46:02


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