CD: SATYRIAN - The Dark Gift

Judith Stuber - vocals
Jan Yrlund - guitars
Roman Schonsee - vocals
Merijn Mol - drums & percussion
Oliver Philipps - piano
Kemi Vita - vocals
Milos Marisevic - bass

1.Invictus (Master Of Fate Remix) 4:07
2.The Dark Gift (The Lygophilla Remix) 5:59
3.Eternitas (Infinite Synthesis) 3:58
4.Fall From Grace (The Fallen Remix) 5:05
5.The Dark Gift (TimV Fused Radio Edit) 3:42
6.No Tears, No Embrace (The Satyr's Cave Club Remix) 5:40
7.Ewigkeit (Ikuisuus Chill Out Remix) 4:54
8.The Dark Gift (album version from "Eternitas") 4:33

Lion Music Records 2007
total time: 38:02


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