CD: RHAPSODY - The Dark Secret

Fabio Lione - voice
Luca Turilli - guitar
Alex Scaropoli - keyboards
Patrice Guers - bass
Alex Holzwarch - drums

1.Unholy Warcry (Edit Version) 4:24
2.Thunder's Mighty Roar 5:35
3.Guardians Of Destiny (English Version) 5:26
4.Sacred Power Of Raging Winds 10:09
5.Non Ho Sonno (Remix) 4:14
6.Rage Of The Winter (Symphonic Version) 4:48
7.Land Of Immortals (Remix) 4:51
8.Riding The Winds Of Eternity (Edit) 3:47
9.Holy Thunderforce (Remix) 4:20

Produced by Luca Turilli & Alex Scaropoli
Steamhammer Records 2004
total time: 47:35


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