CD: RETURN TO FOREVER - Romantic Warrior

Chick Corea - acoustic piano, fender rhodes, honer clavinet, mini moog, moog 15, micro mini moog, ARP Odyssey, Yamaha organ, Polymoog, marimba, percussion
Stanley Clarke - alembic bass, piccolo bass, acoustic bass, bell tree, hand bells
Lenny White - drums, timpani, congas, timbales, hand bells, snare drum, suspended cymbals, alarm clock
Al Di Meola - electric guitars, acoustic guitar, soprano guitar, hand bells, slide whistle

1.Medieval Overture 5:14
2.Sorceress 7:33
3.The Romantic Warrior 10:52
4.Majestic Dance 5:00
5.The Magician 5:28
6.Duel Of The Jester And The Tyrant (Part I & Part II) 11:26

Produced by Chick Corea
Columbia/Legacy Records 1976
total time: 45:36


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