CD: RARE EARTH - Back To Earth + Rare Earth

"Back To Earth":

Jerry La Croix - lead vocal, tenor sax, flute
Paul Warren - guitar, vocal
Barry Eugene Frost - traps, percussion
Reggie McBride - bass, vocal
Eddie Guzman - congas, percussion
Gil Bridges - alto sax, flute, vocal
Ray Monette - guitar
Gabriel Katona - keyboards, vocal

1.It Makes You Happy (But It Ain't Gonna Last Too Long) 4:10
2.Walking Schtick 4:16
3.Keeping Me Out Of The Storm 5:24
4.Delta Melody 5:01
5.Happy Song 4:56
6.Let Me Be Your Sunshine 2:53
7.Boogie With Me Children 3:28
8.City Life 4:58

Produced by Stewart Levine
Motown Records 1975

"Rare Earth":

Peter Hoorelbeke - lead vocals, drums
Gil Bridges - background vocals, flute, saxophones
Michael Urso - background vocals, bass
Eddie Guzman - percussion
Ron Fransen - keyboards
Daniel Ferguson - guitars

9.Love Has Lifted Me 3:54
10.Is Your Teacher Cool ? 5:14
11.Foot Loose And Fancy Free 4:12
12.When I Write 4:22
13.Share My Love 4:30
14.Tin Can People 3:45
15.I Really Love You 5:01
16.Crazy Love 3:31
17.Ah Dunno 2:06

Produced by James Carmichael & Cal Harris
EMI Records 1977
total time: 71:48


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