CD: PENDRAGON - Fallen Dreams And Angels + As Good As Gold

"Fallen Dreams And Angels":

Nick Barrett - vocals, guitar
Clive Nolan - keyboards
Peter Gee - bass guitar
Fudge Smith - drums

1.The Third World In The U.K. 7:16
2.Dune 4:41
3.Sister Bluebird 7:48
4.Fallen Dreams And Angel 5:23

Produced by Karl Groom & Nick Barrett
ZYX Records 1994

"As Good As Gold":

Nick Barrett - guitar, vocals
Clive Nolan - keyboards
Peter Gee - bass
Fudge Smith - drums

5.As Good As Gold 3:29
6.Bird Of Paradise 6:55
7.Midnight Running 7:44
8.A Million Miles Away 3:17

Produced by Nick Barrett & Karl Groom
ZYX Records 1996
total time: 46:37


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