CD: AVULSED - Reanimations

Juancar - guitar
Cabra - guitar
Tana - bass
Dave Rotten - vocals
Riky - drums

1.River Runs Red 5:25
2.Foetal Consolation 3:03
3.Unconscious Pleasure (2006 Re - dissection) 4:14
4.Piranha (Exodus) 3:57
5.I Wanna Be Somebody (W.A.S.P.) 3:45
6.Mental Misery (Gorefest) 4:55
7.Powdered Flesh (Reanimated by Terroristars, feat.Furni ex - Avulsed on guitars) 3:49
8.Devourer Of The Dead (Reanimated by In Element) 5:06
9.Stabwound Orgasm (Reanimated by Carnavage) 3:22
10.Blessed By Gore (Reanimated by Witches' Sabbath) 5:07
11.Gorespattered Suicide (Reanimated by Flesh Embraced) 3:33
12.Sweet Lobotomy (Reanimated by Kaothic, feat.Alberto Marin, Avulsed Live Session Member on guitar) 5:13
13.Protervia (Reanimated by Byleth) 4:52
14.Sick Sick Sex (Reanimated by Abyfs) 4:23
15.Stabwound Orgasm (Renimated by Zardonic) 6:05

Xtreem Records 2006
total time: 66:56


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