CD: NIRVANA - Sliver (The Best Of The Box)

Kurt Cobain - guitar, vocals
Krist Novoselic - bass
Dave Grohl - drums, vocals

1.Spank Thru (1985 Fecal Matter demo) 3:45
2.Heartbreaker (Live) 2:59
3.Mrs.Butterworth (rehearsal demo) 4:04
4.Floyd The Barber (Live) 2:33
5.Clean Up Before She Comes (home demo) 3:12
6.About A Girl (home demo) 2:44
7.Blandest (studio demo) 3:56
8.Ain't It A Shame (studio demo) 2:03
9.Sappy (1990 studio demo) 3:33
10.Opinion (solo acoustic radio appearance) 1:35
11.Lithium (solo acoustic radio appearance) 1:49
12.Sliver (home demo) 2:10
13.Smells Like Teen Spirit (boom box version) 5:40
14.Come As You Are (boom box version) 4:10
15.Old Age (Nevermind outtake) 4:21
16.Oh The Guilt 3:25
17.Rape Me (home demo) 3:23
18.Rape Me (band demo) 3:03
19.Heart Shaped Box (band demo) 5:33
20.Do Re Mi (home demo) 4:24
21.You Know You're Right (home demo) 2:30
22.All Apologies (home demo) 3:33

Produced by John Silva & Michael Meisel
Geffen Records 2005
total time: 74:34


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