CD: MY DYING BRIDE - Meisterwerk I + Meisterwerk II (2CD)

"Meisterwerk I":

1.Synphoniare Infernus Et Spera Empyrium 8:55
2.The Crown OI Sympathy 12:11
3.The Grief Of Age 4:10
4.A Kiss To Remember 7:31
5.Grace Unhearing (Portishell Mix) 7:06
6.For You 6:37
7.Unreleased Bitterness 7:42
8.Sear Me III 5:26

Peaceville Records 2000

"Meisterwerk II":

1.Sear Me MCMXCIII (from "Turn Loose The Swans") 7:21
2.Follower (from "34.788%.." session - unreleased) 5:13
3.Vast Choirs (demo version from "Towards The Sinister") 7:37
4.She Is The Dark (frim "The Light At The End Of The World") 8:26
5.Catching Feathers (from the demo "Towards The Sinister") 3:44
6.Two Winters Only (from "The Angel And The Dark River") 9:02
7.Your River (from "Turn Loose The Swans") 9:23
8.Some Velvet Morning (from Peaceville "X" compilation) 5:58
9.Roads (from Peaceville "X" compilation) 5:07

Peaceville Records 2000
total time: 121:37


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