CD: MOTLEY CRUE - Saints Of Los Angeles

Nikki Sixx
Tommy Lee
Mick Mars
Vince Neil

1.L.A.M.F. 1:21
2.Face Down In The Dirt 3:44
3.What's It Gonna Take 3:45
4.Down At The Whisky 3:50
5.Saints Of Los Angeles 3:40
6.MF Of The Year 3:55
7.The Animal In Me 4:17
8.Welcome To The Machine 3:00
9.Just Another Psycho 3:36
10.Chicks = Trouble 3:12
11.This Ain't A Love Song 3:26
12.White Trash Circus 2:51
13.Goin' Out Swingin' 3:27
14.Kickstart My Heart (Live) 5:48
15.Saints Of Los Angeles (Live) 3:27

Produced by James Michael
Motley Records 2008
total time: 53:26


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