CD: MODERN TALKING - America (The 10th Album)

1.Win The Race 3:36
2.Last Exit To Brooklyn 3:16
3.Maria 5:29
4.SMS To My Heart 3:19
5.Cinderella Girl 3:35
6.Why Odes It Feel So Good 4:07
7.Rain In My Heart 3:48
8.Witchqueen Of Eldorado 3:56
9.Run To You 4:48
10.America 4:51
11.For A Life Time 4:28
12.From Coast To Coast 4:28
13.There's Something In The Air 3:20
14.I Need You Now 3:41
15.New York City Girl 3:28
16.Send Me A Letter From Heaven 3:55

Produced by Dieter Bohlen
BMG Records 2001
total time: 64:13


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