CD: MASSACRA - Signs Of The Decline

Pascal Jorgensen - vocal, bass
Fred "Death" Duval - rhythm guitar, vocal
Jean Marc Tristani - lead guitar
Matthias Limmer - drums

1.Evidence Of Abominations 3:58
2.Defying Man's Creation 3:38
3.Baptized In Decadence 4:28
4.Mortify Their Flesh 4:02
5.Traumatic Paralyzed Mind 3:56
6.Excruciating Commands 3:49
7.World Dies Screaming 3:22
8.Signs Of The Decline 4:02
9.Civilisation In Regression 4:04
10.Full Frontal Assault 4:27
11.Madness Remains [taken from 'Sick' album] 5:43
12.Ordinary People [taken from 'Sick' album] 5:16
13.Closed Minded [taken from 'Sick' album] 5:00
14.Harmless Numbers [taken from 'Sick' album] 5:00
15.Can't Stand [taken from 'Sick' album] 5:02
16.My Reality [taken from 'Sick' album] 5:13

Produced by Tim Buktu
Crazy Life Music Records 1992
total time: 71:06


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