CD: TOMMY LEE - Tommyland: The Ride

drums - Tommy Lee
bass - Chris Chaney
guitars - Dave Navarro, Chad Kroeger, Deryck Whibley, Butch Walker, Carl Bell, Nick Lashley, Billy Morrison, Phil X, Bobby "Raw" Anderson, Timmy Dawson, Paul Ignasinski, Scott Humphrey, Benji Madden
keyboards - Scott Humphrey, Andrew McMahon, Patrick Warren
violin - Carla Kihlstedt
vocals - Tommy Lee, Andrew McMahon, Butch Walker, Nick Carter, Joel Madden, Harry
background vocals - Phil X, Matt Sorum, Andrew McMahon, Crispin Earl, Tommy Lee

1.Good Times 3:06
2.Hello, Again 4:04
3.Tryin To Be Me 3:33
4.Sister Mary 3:27
5.The Butler 0:37
6.Tired 3:25
7.I Need You 3:09
8.Make Believe 3:04
9.Makin Me Crazy 3:49
10.Watch You Lose 2:39
11.Say Goodbye 3:36
12.Hello, Again (Acoustic Version) 3:59

Produced by Scott Humphrey
TL Education Services Records 2005
total time: 38:35


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