CD: PHIL SPECTOR - Back To Mono (1958-1969) (CD2)

1.Be My Baby (The Ronettes) 2:41
2.Then He Kissed Me (The Crystals) 2:37
3.A Fine, Fine Boy (Darlene Love) 2:48
4.Baby, I Love You (The Ronettes) 2:50
5.I Wonder (The Ronettes) 2:46
6.Girls Can Tell (The Crystals) 2:37
7.Little Boy (The Crystals) 3:00
8.Hold Me Tight (The Treasures) 2:54
9.(The Best Part Of) Breakin' Up (The Ronettes) 3:03
10.Soldier Baby Of Mine (The Ronettes) 2:53
11.Strange Love (Darlene Love) 3:02
12.Stumble And Fall (Darlene Love) 2:24
13.When I Saw You (The Ronettes) 2:45
14.So Young (Veronica) 2:36
15.Do I Love You? (The Ronettes) 2:52
16.Keep On Dancing (The Ronettes) 2:33
17.You, Baby (The Ronettes) 2:57
18.Woman In Love (With You) (The Ronettes) 2:57
19.Walking In The Rain (The Ronettes) 3:16

Produced by Phil Spector
Phil Spector/ABKCO Records 1991
total time: 53:38


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