CD: MUNGO JERRY - Lovin' In The Alleys Fightin' In The Streets

Ray Dorset - guitar, harp & vocals
Colin Earl - keyboards
Chris Warnes - bass
Pete Sullivan - drums

1.All That A Woman Should Be 3:35
2.I Could Never Start Lovin' You 5:42
3.Lovin' In The Alleys An' Fightin' In The Streets 3:20
4.The Grease 2:59
5.Dragster Queen 4:38
6.Heavy Foot Stomp 3:03
7.Gone To Malaya 4:37
8.Can't Keep It Down 4:04
9.Lovin' In The Mornin' 4:41
10.Just Can't Say Goodbye 4:21

Produced by Ray Dorset, Alan Blakely & Roberto Danova
FruitGum Records 1977
total time: 41:05


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