CD: AMERICAN AMBOY DUKES - Journey To The Centre Of The Mind

Andy Solomon - organ, piano, vocals
Greg Arama - bass
Ted Nugent - lead guitar
Steve Farmer - rhythm guitar, vocals
Dave Palmer - drums
John Drake - vocals

1.Mississippi Murderer 5:12
2.Surrender To Your Kinks 2:52
3.Flight Of The Byrd 2:49
4.Scottish Tea 4:01
5.Dr. Slingshot 3:08
6.Journey To The Center Of The Mind 3:33
7.Ivory Castles 3:21
8.Why Is A Carrot More Orange Than An Orange 2:25
9.Missionary Mary 2:34
10.Death Is Life 2:08
11.Saint Philips Friend 3:32
12.I'll Prove I'm Right 1:38
13.Conclusion 1:57
14.You Talk Sunshine, I Breath Fire 2:44

Mainstream/Repertoire Records 1968
total time: 42:01


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