CD: FREE - Tons Of Sobs

1.Over The Green Hills (Pt.1) 0:50
2.Worry 3:27
3.Walk In My Shadow 3:30
4.Wild Indian Woman 3:40
5.Goin' Down Slow 8:22
7.The Hunter 4:14
8.Moonshine 5:05
9.Sweet Tooth 4:54
10.Over The Green Hills (Pt.2) 2:07
11.I'm A Mover (BBC session) 3:05
12.Waitin' On You (BBC session) 2:17
13.Guy Stevens Blues (Blues jam) 4:43
14.Moonshine (Alternative vocal) 5:11
15.Sweet Tooth (Early take & alternative lyrics) 4:56
16.Visions Of Hell (Unreleased master mix) 3:49
17.Woman By The Sea (Alternative version) 3:22
18.Over The Green Hills (BBC session) 3:52

Produced by Guy Stevens
Island Records 1968
total time: 70:30


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