CD: ELECTRIC FLAG - An American Music Band + A Long Time Comin

"An American Music Band":

Harvey Brooks - bass guitar, vocals
Buddy Miles - drums, vocals
Herbie Rich - organ, tenor, vocals
John Simon - piano
Hoshal Wright - guitar

Terry Clements - tenor
Marcus Doubleday - trumpet
Nick Gravenites - vocals, rhythm guitar, percussion
Virgil Gonsalves - baritone, soprano, flute
Stemsy Hunter - alto, vocals

1.Soul Searchin' 2:59
2.Sunny 3:58
3.With Time There Is Change 3:15
4.Nothing To Do 4:20
5.See To Your Neighbour 2:34
6.Qualified 2:59
7.Hey Little Girl 2:37
8.Mystery 2:55
9.My Woman Hangs Around The House 3:14

Produced by John Simon & Harvey Brookes
SPV Records 1969

"A Long Time Comin'":

guitar - Michael Bloomfield, Harvey Brooks, Sivuca
keyboards - Barry Goldberg, Herbie Rich, Mike Fonfara
bass - Harvey Brooks
drums - Buddy Miles
tenor saxes - Peter Strazza, Herbie Rich
baritone sax - Herbie Rich
trumpet - Marcus Doubleday
percussion - Buddy Miles, John Court, Michael Bloomfield, Harvey Brooks, Marcus Doubleday, Sivuca, Richie Havens, Joe Church
sitar - Richie Havens
background shoeshine vocal quartet - Bloomfield & Courts
moog synthesizer - Paul Beaver
strings - Bob Notkoff, Julius Held, Leo Daruczek, George Brown, Charles McCracken

10.Killing Floor 4:10
11.Groovin' Is Easy 3:05
12.Over - Lovin' You 2:11
13.She Should Have Just 5:02
14.Wine 3:15
15.Texas 4:47
16.Sittin' In Circles 3:53
17.You Don't Realise 4:58
18.Another Country 8:44
19.Easy Rider 0:49

Produced by John Court
SPV Records 1968
total time: 69:56


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