CD: ALAN PARSONS - Try Anything Once

Ian Bairnson
Stuart Elliot
Andrew Powell
David Pack
Richard (Trix) Cottle
Alan Parsons

The Philharmonia Orchestra - arranged & conducted by Andrew Powell

1.The Three Of Me 5:51
2.Turn It Up 6:13
3.Wine From The Water 5:43
4.Breakaway 4:07
5.Mr. Time 8:17
6.Jigue 3:24
7.I'm Talkin' To You 4:38
8.Siren Song 5:01
9.Dreamscape 3:01
10.Back Against The Wall 4:38
11.Re - Jigue 2:27
12.Oh Life (There Must Be More) 6:34

Produced by Alan Parsons
Arista Records 1993
total time: 59:58


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