CD: CARAVAN - Blind Dog At St.Dunstans

Richard Coughlan - drums
Mike Wedgewood - bass, congas, vocals
Pye Hastings - electric & acoustic guitars, vocals
Geoffrey Richardson - viola, electric guitar, flute, night - shift whistle
Jan Schelhaas - piano, electric piano, clavinet D6, ARP string ensemble, mini - moog, organ

1.Here Am I 6:19
2.Chiefs And Indians 5:15
3.A Very Smelly, Grubby Little Oik 4:13
4.Bobbing Wide 2:30
5.Come On Back 3:56
6.Oik (Reprise) 2:27
7.Jack And Jill 6:28
8.Can You Hear Me ? 6:19
9.All The Way (With John Wayne's Single - Handed Liberation Of Paris) 8:50

Produced by David Hitchcock
HTD Records 1976
total time: 46:22


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